Unintended gold expense on permanent camouflage

Hello folks,

i have been playing the game for couple of weeks and i really enjoyed this game until i bought some gold and spent it on permanent camouflage accidentally. Since the game offers the gold buyout as default and i haven’t got any gold until this point i purchased 3 types of camo for my new t-34 by using my gold as a mistake. I only played one match with that tank and as soon as i realized my mistake i stopped playing with that vehicle. Because i didn’t want to benefit this camo in case of a rollback on that action. So i sent a ticket to customer service and explained myself and the stiuation to the tiniest detail. In their response they told me that the game asks for confirmation when you make purchase, and since i agreed to that there is nothing they could do. But here are some facts:

1. the game offers the buyout in gold as default.
2. i played only one match with that vehicle and stopped playing immediatly to prevent an indecent benefit.
3. yes the game asks for confirmation, but i thought i was confirming to buy with silver coins.

I would understand them if i kept playing with that tank after i realized my mistake. Now i am asking you people, doesn’t that look like an honest mistake? Could i be trying to make a scam here? Or are there any other players who fell to the same mistake as i did?

The game should offer camo buyout in silver as default. I hope they fix this in future patches. And i am very disappointed with their approach to my problem. I will make no purchase of any product of the company until they come up with a solution to my problem. Another thing is i decided not to play this game until they solve my problem as a matter of principal. There goes my premium days without playing. Imagine the frustration.

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/252703-unintended-gold-expense-on-permanent-camouflage/

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