The Final Liquidation of the Gold Bug: There will be more silver and gold bug splatter in the streets

Stacy Summary: Between margin calls and panic liquidation, I wouldn’t try to catch this falling knife. There isn’t enough blood in the streets for my taste and there is no silver support til $21. My guess (which I’m only making so you can shriek with joy that I was wrong!) is that will be hit today (in New York) or tomorrow, but no later than Wednesday.



  • The Final Liquidation of the Gold Bug

You see the NEWS DOES NOT MATTER. In bull markets bad news is bought and in bear markets all news gets sold. The news means nothing. All that matters is whether the sellers are in control or the buyers. All that matters is whether the market is in a bull market or a bear market and that is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Trying to figure out why gold is dropping right now is a total waste of your time. It is dropping because it has been in a bear market for almost two years now and at the end of bear markets you can get crashes and extremes in bearish sentiment as every person who is a potential seller finally sells in a giant capitulation. What you are witnessing is not some grand change in the world economy, but the mass liquidation of all remaining gold bugs. It is simply the natural process of a bear market cycle that started in the Fall of 2011.


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