The Coordinated Attack On The Gold Market

“Today was a coordinated attack on gold. We had the Goldman Sachs recommendation to short gold. We also had the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee notes quite unusually released before the opening. Then we had the mainstream media focus on the sale of Cyprus gold, and Mrs. Lagarde on the wire telling people everything was fine with the economy.

The market in gold has significantly changed….

“It’s no longer the investment banks vs a community of investors who feel that gold is undervalued, but rather it has shifted, as you can see in trade figures, to major accumulation by sovereign central banks such as Russia and China.

It is also important to note that in Europe gold has been marked-to-market as far as their reserves are concerned. So the focus of today’s totally transparent attempt to discredit gold is that, yes, it will have an effect on the paper market, but it will have no effect whatsoever on the physical market where in fact the sovereigns trade.

Sovereigns don’t trade on the COMEX, they never would. Rather sovereigns trade in the physical market in London and elsewhere, and they take delivery of the gold they have purchased.


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