The Price Of Silver Is Set To Soar As Inventories Collapse

With continued volatility in global markets and oil still trading near the $106 level, today John Embry told King World News the price of silver is set to soar as inventories continue to collapse.  Embry also spoke at length about the gold market.  Below is what Embry had to say in this powerful interview.

Embry:  “I am becoming far more comfortable with the gold and silver markets after what can only be construed as an extraordinarily ugly few months.  These violent takedowns in the paper market, which bore no relation to what was going on fundamentally, have discouraged so many people.

I guess price action is the thing that drives them crazy because people then start to doubt the fundamentals.  But what I see now is very promising….

“I see falling gold inventories almost everywhere.  We have seen how much gold has come out of the ETFs, and how much the COMEX inventories have shrunk.  And the gold that JP Morgan holds for its customers in its own accounts has also dwindled.  All of this is a precursor to a much higher move in the gold price.

At the same time I am getting extremely excited about silverEric Sprott’s revelation about all of the silver going into India because of the difficulty in that country obtaining gold due to official impediments, I think it’s a classic case of unintended consequences on the part of the Indians.  The last thing the silver market needs is a huge new demand source in terms of trying to keep the price under control.

I am also seeing that JP Morgan is feverishly trying to acquire as much physical silver at the same time they are reducing their paper short position.  So I don’t think we have much longer to wait for a real explosion in silver prices.  And if I’m right on both gold and silver, this will be seen as the single finest buying opportunity in the entire bull market which is now in its 13th year.”


Japan and China start new (bidding) war (for gold)

Reuters / Tyrone Siu

Citizens of America’s two biggest creditors China and Japan are now fighting each other to buy Gold and Silver. But could they be doing something more intelligent with their time and money?

Mrs. Wang, China’s mythical housewife is buying Gold hand over fist, so is Japan’s mythical housewife Mrs. Watanabe. Unlike during past downturns in the price of Gold, the peasants (anyone not a partner at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan) are reacting with long queues at the local bullion dealer with fistfuls of fiat, fractional bank reserve notes to swap for the currency of kings: Gold.

Apparently, the emerging world ‘gets it.’ There will never be an exit from the Quantitative Easing by any of the world’s central banks. (The ECB has just reduced rates to ½% to match the UK). The Fed in America is sticking to their ultra-low rates and Japan led the parade decades ago with their Kamikaze ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) monetary madness.

In private conversations, the world’s central bankers let slip that their plan is to keep interest rates close to zero for 10, 15 years or longer – however long it takes to increase the global population enough to create enough ‘violence growth’ to start retiring some of the $100 trillion in debt on these bank’s books.

In other words, there is no exit. There can be no exit. There will only be more money printing and all fiat currencies around the world will continue to be debased until the sheer size of the global population is so great growth occurs as overpopulated areas start fighting each other for air, water, and food. This is the banker’s plan: everybody fighting everybody with the survivors needing credit (inflation) and the losers dying (deflation).

Citizens of America’s biggest creditors; China and Japan, aren’t waiting around, they are doing the equivalent to picking up their pitchforks and torches and buying gold in record amounts. On the NYSE $16 bn. in ‘paper gold’ was sold via the exchange traded fund GLD while Chinese housewifes (and other members of their households) bought that amount and then some. The wealth that is Gold is being transferred from West to East. Paper gold is being swapped for physical.

And what about the China and Japan saber rattling the disputed Senkaku islands? I implore both the Chinese and the Japanese to see past this silly island dispute and instead focus your combined, massive buying power to take enough physical gold and silver off the market to put the Western paper bugs and market manipulators out of business. Your skirmish over islands is a rear-guard action that will amount to nothing. Instead, fight the real enemy: the US dollar and the bankers who – by virtue of the Dollar as world reserve currency – get your people to finance America’s wars in the Mid-East and Africa.

This is the time to do some deep soul searching and realize the enemy is not each other China and Japan, but the common enemy, the US dollar.


Real ‘price tag’ for gold and silver manipulation by Wall St.

To understand the price action in gold and government bonds it helps to compare it to what is called ‘price tagging’ in some circles. And I’ll get to the definition of this in a minute.

Focusing on gold and silver: the way it works is this, whenever real cash buyers emerge for gold and silver in India, Russia, China, and amongst hard money advocates in the West – Wall St. and the City of London dump hundreds of tons of ‘naked-shorts’ on various futures exchanges (counterfeit futures contracts) that kills the price in the short term.

Conversely, even though the central banks and their Wall St. friends are floating trillions in government bonds, the prices for these bonds are currently trading at 300-year highs. Never in America’s 237-year history or, if you go back in British history 300 years, do you find government bonds trading as high as they are now (i.e. record low interest rates).

Historic demand for gold and vanishing supply is driving the prices lower while record supply of bonds with no natural demand only fabricated ‘quantitative easing’ demand driving prices higher. This is a complete repudiation of the laws of supply and demand that is not only unsustainable, but causing immeasurable hardships and now many cases of suicide as well.

Price tagging’ is a good comparison to make when grappling to understand what’s happening in the gold and bond market these days. Price tagging refers ( to the practice on the part of Israel, whenever the international community pressures them on illegally expanding settlements into the occupied territories, they kill some Palestinians.

That, we are told by the Israelis is the ‘price tag’ for insisting on compliance with the law.

The price tag for cash buyers of gold and silver – who want to escape the matrix of the US dollar and the financial hegemony that comes with the dollar’s role as world reserve currency – is to suffer the ordeal of having Wall St. (principally JP Morgan) dump hundreds of tons of paper gold ‘naked-shorts’ on to the market to crash the price and destroying economies around the world.

We shall overcome. Eventually, the cash buyers of gold and silver will triumph over the paper ‘price taggers’ and their pathetic schemes and the world will be a better place.