Gold Headed To Old High, But Gains In Silver Will Be Historic

With the price of gold and silver soaring, today John Embry told King World News there is going to be a continued massive surge in the gold price, but the gains in silver will be “historic.”  Embry spoke at length about the gold and silver markets, the Fed and the mining shares.  Below is what Embry had to say in this powerful interview.

Embry:  “I’m focused on the better tone in the gold and silver markets.  It’s been a long struggle, but with all of the information that’s come out recently regarding how tight the physical market is and the fact that the paper gold market really is one of the greatest Ponzi schemes of all-time, I think we could finally be on the cusp of a huge move in gold….

“I’m not talking $100 to $200 move for gold. I mean gold going back to the old high of  $1,920 in a fairly short period of time.

One thing that drove me crazy last week was Bernanke’s testimony and some of his statements after the fact.  Gerald Celente noted that Bernanke said if the Fed wasn’t continuing to print money, that the economy would ‘tank.’  That’s exactly what all of us have been saying on KWN for months, if not years.

But it’s interesting that Bernanke basically said as much himself, and nobody picked up on it.  Bernanke was asked by one of the Congressmen if he was printing money, and he answered, ‘not literally.’  Now what does that mean?  If you are creating $85 billion a month to buy Treasuries and bad bank mortgage debt, if that’s not printing money then nothing is.


The Power Of Gold & An Economic Collapse

Today top trends forecaster Gerald Celente spoke with King World News about the power of gold and an economic collapse. Gerald Celente is the founder of Trends Research, and the man many consider to be the top trends forecaster in the world. Below is what acclaimed forecaster Celente had to say to KWN in this powerful and exclusive interview.

Celente: “That’s what he (Bernanke) said, ‘Nobody understands gold prices.’ He also called gold, I love this one, ‘An unusual asset.’ And he said that some people see gold as ‘disaster insurance.’ Yes, disaster insurance against what people like him and other central bankers are doing — creating a global disaster by printing all of this digital money….

“When you go back and listen to Bernanke, when Ron Paul was a member of the House (of Representatives) and was questioning him and Ron Paul asked him, ‘Is gold money?’ And Bernanke said, ‘No, it’s a precious metal.’

So here’s what I have to say: You better tell the Iranians. (And you better tell) the Turks and the Chinese that are buying Iranian oil and giving Iran gold that they are really not giving them (Iran) anything of value, (that instead) it’s only ‘an unusual asset’ (laughter ensues). So they (the Iranians) are selling oil for unusual assets (laughter).


Celente – Powerful & Destructive Big Bank Holiday Coming

Today top trends forecaster Gerald Celente warned King World News that people around the world need to brace themselves for a powerful and destructive “big bank holiday,” which he now predicts will happen this year.  Celente, who had correctly forecast back in 2012 that a bank holiday would occur in Europe, is the founder of Trends Research and the man many consider to be the top trends forecaster in the world.

Eric King:  “Gerald, earlier you mentioned a ‘big bank holiday,’ what do you mean by big bank holiday?”

Celente:  “Look at what’s going on in Italy, they don’t have a government yet.  It’s been going on for two months (in Italy).  Look at their debt/GDP ratio.  It’s approaching 130%.  How are they going to pay off this debt?

Look at what’s going on in Spain, Portugal, Greece.  Those are the bigger bank holidays (that are still to come).  They called a bank holiday in the United States in 1933.  That’s not ancient history.  And what did they do?  They devalued the dollar.”

Eric King:  “Is that what you see eventually happening here?”

Celente:  “I can definitely see it happening….

“Remember, they warned about it before, and that’s after spending trillions of dollars in bailouts and nothing has improved the economy.  The money has only gone into the hands of the ‘too big to fail.’

You can see the gap between the rich and the poor has widened.  You can see that personal incomes continue to decline.  You can see job creation declining.  So yes, I can see a bank holiday, particularly if there is a false flag or real geopolitical incident that they can then use as an excuse for a bank holiday.

When you go back to the 1930s, it didn’t happen in one day.  There were runs on the banks in Michigan first.  Cyprus may be the Michigan of 2013, the test case.”

Eric King:  “As we move toward the end game, what does it tell you about where we are in the cycle?”

Celente:  “It tells us that we are getting closer to it.  As I said, you are seeing the slowdown in job creation.  We are seeing mortgage applications falling.  So even with record low interest rates you are seeing job creation declining, mortgage applications falling, and growth in unemployment claims.

So the end game is coming quick.  There is only so long they can keep pulling this off.  I believe that by the time the new year comes the game will be over.  You know what happened to me with MF Global:  My money was in a segregated account.  They stole it.  Now they call it a ‘haircut.’  Isn’t that wonderful?  They call it a haircut when they steal your money.

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