Some of the world’s best-known precious metals experts share their all-time best advice

From The Gold Report:

The Gold Report shares investing ideas from some of the smartest people in the precious metals mining sector — analysts, money managers, and newsletter writers including Rick Rule, James Dines, Doug Casey, and Porter Stansberry.

That was founder Gordon Holmes‘ vision in 2003 when he started the publication after receiving these words of wisdom from GoldMoney Chairman James Turk: “Buy gold.” As the former publisher of Buyside magazine, Holmes set out to create a publication that would interview a wide array of experts and feature in-depth stories about macro-trends and individual investing ideas, but let the readers make their own decisions. In 2008, Karen Roche joined the team as president and grew the parent company, Streetwise Reports, to four newsletters, including The Critical Metals Report, The Energy Report, and The Life Sciences Report.

To celebrate the New Year, Roche asked some of our most popular interviewees to share “The Best Investing Advice They Ever Heard.” Most of it falls into a few basic areas we already know: “Buy low and sell high before the cycles start all over again.” Some is contradictory: “Be cautious, but take risks.” Some made us laugh out loud.

Consider it our New Year‘s gift to you as we all get ready for an exciting 2013 in the world of junior mining investing…

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