Reputable Gold Dealers

Reputable Gold Dealers

I have sold millions of dollars worth of gold and silver and hear the same thing from customers all the time: “but I’m buying thousands of dollars from you, surely you can give me a price break.” Selling gold and silver is a VERY low profit margin game. This isn’t like selling a car where the dealers are making thousands on your purchase. Here is a breakdown of a typical dealer’s costs so you can better understand buying gold coins.

Let’s say you decide to buy ten 1 Oz. 2012 Gold American Eagle coins from an online gold dealer, click here to find best place to buy gold.

This was written August 27th, 2012, so the best dealer and prices will change, but this example will illustrate how little money dealers make when selling gold.

The price of gold is $1,661.32 per ounce. The best dealer on goldshark is listing ten 1 Oz. 2012 Gold American Eagle coins for sale for $17,294 including shipping and insurance. You will have to pay with a bank wire transfer to receive this price. If you’re thinking about buying with a credit card read about the fees.

There are only a handful of dealers who buy gold directly from the US Mint. These dealers are known as Authorized Dealers and pay the US Mint 3% over spot for 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins. Now, these coins need to be marked up and sold to the reputable gold dealers your’re looking to purchase from, so they in turn will pay around 3.25% – 3.50% for the coins.

Therefore, the dealer’s cost in the coins you’re buying would be: $1,661.32 X 3.25% (markup for the coins) = $1,715.31 per coin $17,153.12 for the ten coins.

So the dealer is paying $17,153.12 and selling the coins for $17,294 for a $140.88 mark-up. But wait: they still have to get you the gold coins.

Remember you paid with a wire transfer, and that cost the dealer $10 – $20 right there. I would estimate the shipping on this package around $30 – $50 with insurance. The dealer may hedge his original purchase of gold coins (that costs a little money also). On top of that there are all the other small things: box, label, paper, employee, electricity, rent, etc… So when it’s all said and done this dealer will make between $60 – $80 on your $17,294 purchase. I know it sounds hard to believe but it’s true. So the next time your’re asking the dealer to give you a better deal remember these prices.

Please keep in mind that when the bullion market is booming premiums will rise. This is because the Authorized Dealers move the price up and the dealers have no choice but to pass along the cost to the consumer. This happened in 2008 when premiums approached $150 a gold coin.

I hope this helps you better understand the buying process from a dealers perspective and makes you a better buyer of gold.

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