Michael Lombardi: Your Financial Mentor-A Review

If you do a Google (Canada) search on “Michael Lombardi investor,” you will get about 163,000 results. And when you do the same on “Michael Lombardi investor review” and “Michael Lombardi stock market”, it will yield you around 69,600 and 74,300 results respectively.

What is it that makes Michael Lombardi such a popular name in the fraternity of authors in the finance field? Is it due to the fact that he has successfully predicted five major economic events? Is it because he has envisaged a sixth catastrophe that will befall the U.S. and has explained more about the quivering base of its economy through the hard-hitting article and video that is titled “Critical Warning 6”? Whatever be the reason, Michael Lombardi has indeed struck a chord with the millions of people who take the subject of investments and economy very seriously. With a Chartered Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada and a MBA degree from the Graduate Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, Lombardi has imparted precious knowledge to his readers through his articles on the topics of investment and money management; the numbers of which have crossed the ‘one thousand’ figure.

Who would have thought many years ago, that seventeen year old Michael; greatly anticipant of the profit that he would make out of his summer job savings of $2,000, which he used to buy his first stock and which was reduced to $1,000 within  a short span of time, would make it so big in life later on? This first blow was a lesson for this lad as he became determined to learn all the trifles of the stock market trade and to never suffer the loss of a depleted stock price again. With intense research and study in this field, Michael soon found his right footing and began making profits with stocks. His first newsletter on the stock market soon hit the stands and thus commenced the uninterrupted flow of precise informative articles; of which some of the stocks that he recommended through his financial newsletters posted gains to the tune of 500% and above!

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Critical Warning 6

Critical Warning Number Six

Michael Lombardi Predictions

“The correct stock picking strategy is an important tool which will pave the way for the buildup of funds.” This is the basis of Michael’s belief, who has, over the years, become an effective real estate investor; an investor in precious metals and also in several other businesses.

Despite the painstaking efforts that Lombardi has taken in order to augment his readers’ information with the minutest of inputs in the day- to- day news, updates and useful advice, there are some keywords like “Michael Lombardi scam” and “Michael Lombardi hoax”, which, when typed into search engines like Google (Canada) also produce results to the tune of 19,400 and 11,300 respectively. Some of these may be intended to mar the profile of this amazing man. Of course, there may be inclusions of a number of optimistic aspects in the articles as well.

As everyone is well aware, there is always a likelihood of two or precisely, three opinions about a person: Positive, negative and indifferent. Michael Lombardi has been in this sphere long enough; since 1986, to be precise and he has developed his business so well that he can be referred to as a walking encyclopedia on the finer aspects of the stock and investment trade on account of the exhaustive research that he does on topics related to finance and economy.

So it is but natural that when a man is so successful, there are bound to be his followers and critics. The reader who is astute enough to realize this, is also bound to know that

1.    Nit-picking without a cause is to be ignored.

2.    Disapprovals and complaints need to be handled delicately and solutions have to be offered; thus resolving the matters; taking care that they will not be repeated in the future and

3.    Praises are to be taken level-headedly and there should be this continuing ability to do better and surpass the expectations of others.

All of the above is just second nature to Michael Lombardi and he is experienced enough to bear the brunt of many a sarcasm; improve on the customer-satisfaction front and keep up the good work ad infinitum, delivering a bounty of resourceful articles and news for the intelligent readers!

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