LBMA 2013 Gold and Silver Forecast

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has published its 2013 forecast, with contributors predicting an average gold price of $1,753 for the year and an average silver price of $33.21.  Bloomberg‘s report on the forecast notes that the mean response of the 23 gold participants has gold gaining as much as 14% during the year and reaching a high of $1,914.  The 21 silver forecasters see silver gaining up to 29% to reach $39.75.

News & Views

Bloomberg:  Gold futures drop as China’s inflation jumps to seven-month high; China may increase gold holdings in reserves, researcher says

Reuters:  Tokyo gold hits record high; new stimulus may revive buying

MarketWatch:  Gold and silver settle lower for the day, up for the week; Gold bulls come out of hiding

KWN:  Ben Davies – Gold is now set up for a vertical price explosion; John Hathaway – 11 more key gold charts & the big picture

The Daily Gold/CNBC:  2013 gold & silver outlook; Disconnect between gold & miners

Mineweb:  Indian gold imports surge amid fears of further duty hikes; High gold prices push India’s farmers toward silver

SilverSeek:  Real silver highs; Silver investing in the age of sentiment & fiat currencies

World Gold Council:  Demand for gold predicted to rise in global transition to multi-currency reserve system

Zero Hedge/GoldSeek:  Jim Grant exposes “The bureau of money materialization” and a submerging America; The great precious metals bull cycle & the money supply

Reuters/Bloomberg:  Fed hawks worry about threat of inflation; Fed’s Plosser says stimulus may backfire, fuel inflation

MarketWatch:  Got a Monet or gold bar? – More wealthy borrowers are using high-value assets to finance homes

Mineweb:  Public U.S. gold audit petition hits White House Web site

Mike Krieger/Zero Hedge:  Is gold and silver registration coming to Illinois?; Rick Santelli’s take

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