KWN Sunday Gold Chart Special

Today King World News is pleased to share with its global readers a fascinating piece that was put together by Nick Laird from ShareLynx out of Australia. Laird put together four extraordinary gold charts to go along with his commentary below. We thank Laird for sharing this piece with our global readers and part II covering the silver market will be released later today.

Nick Laird: “Net Imports for China via Hong Kong were 63 tonnes for the month of November – the fourth highest level ever seen. Total cumulative net imports since 2001 now stand at 1242 tonnes (note black line).

Continue reading the Part I of the Nick Laird piece below…

“The following chart shows total net imports at 462.75 tonnes for the 11 months of 2012.

Here’s a bigger view combining China‘s domestic gold production plus it’s net imports from Hong Kong. This shows the potential gold quantities held in China.

And here’s the same view over 80 years showing the parabolic nature of China accumulating gold, especially since the year 2000.

Currently we see China being the world’s #1 producer. China is importing gold via Hong Kong in ever increasing quantities and also aggressively accumulating foreign producing gold mines in an attempt to dramatically increase their gold reserves.”

Part II of Laird’s incredible chart series which covers the silver market will be released later today.

Article Source: Kingworldnews

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