Is China Metals’ Best Friend?

Looking at how the “Gold market turns to China for support,” Tim Iacono recaps a flurry of activity in Asia last week that sent precious metalsprices up and then down, but argues that “without a doubt, the most important gold-related news to emerge from China last week was of surging gold imports. As has been the case over the last year, demand from China is likely to play a key role in supporting metal prices and, eventually, pushing prices up and out of their recent trading range….It appears as though precious metals markets are in need of some sort of catalyst and, as was the case last year, surging gold demand in China could be just what these markets need.”

News & Views

Wall St. Cheat Sheet/Jesse’s Café Américain:  Gold and silver rise as debt ceiling rhetoric heats up

Bloomberg:  Gold advances 0.5% as U.S. stimulus signal weakens the dollar, silver gains 2.3%; Fed’s Evans says Fed support needed while deficit tackled

The Nation/Telegraph:  Evans says global inflation greater risk than US economy; At last, question time for the money printers

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SafeHaven/Alasdair Macleod:  Non-predictions for 2013 and 2014; Austrian economics in 2013

Reuters/Reason:  Treasury, Fed kill idea of $1 trillion platinum coins; Without borrowing, the government can only pay 60% of its bills

Asia Times/CNN:  Gold emerges as euro debt-crisis option; U.S. debt ceiling: Selling gold isn’t the answer

Live Trading News/Bullion Street:  The Dubai gold rush; People fighting for gold in Iran

GATA/GoldCore:  Report commissioned by World Gold Council hints at the war against gold; Does Bank of England hold €235 million of Irish gold reserves?

The Atlantic:  What’s inside America’s banks?

WSJ/CSM:  Heavy smog in Beijing prompts uncharacteristic government transparency

Zero Hedge:  Deutsche Bank – The geopolitical hotspots of 2013

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