‘Dumb’ Metals Sell-Off Spells ‘Opportunity’

“Based on the Fed’s track record of predicting the future, this has to have been one of the dumbest reasons to sell gold and silver in recent years,” declares Tim Iacono, about the sell-off following last week’s release of December’s FOMC minutes, which suggested a possible end or pullback of QE in 2013.

Advising precious metals investors to “watch what the Fed does, not what the Fed says,” he points out that “just a few years ago, the Fed spent inordinate amounts of meeting time discussing their ‘exit strategy’ – and then they went on to buy a couple trillion dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities and government debt with newly printed money.”

And he predicts that “in the fullness of time, it will be realized that futures market selling simply provided another opportunity for long-term investors and central banks to increase their precious metals holdings at better prices.”

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