Critical Warning USA

Critical Warning USA: Michael Lombardi, the author of Profit Confidential has five major and successful economic predictions to his credit. In 2002, he advised his readers to begin investing in gold. In 2006, he asked them to stay away from the housing market. He also foretold the recession that would befall the U.S. in late 2007. The fall of the year 2008 was when he directed his readers to steer clear of the stock market and in March 2009 he recommended them to again get back into stocks. These predictions were very beneficial to all who took heed of his guidance. With a sixth warning about the strategic situation that USA has gotten itself into, Michael has opened the eyes and ears of the innumerable countrymen through his gripping video presentation and a detailed article covering the same. It is a shocking revelation of the imminent recession that threatens to be more ruthless in effect than what was in 2007-08! It is a horrifying disclosure of the dark consequences of the artificially low-interest rates and the monetary stimulus that is being provided to the economy of USA to create a false sense of security and optimism!

Still, it is a breather for those who plan to survive healthily despite all odds prevailing in USA, through appropriate risk management methods! It is “Critical Warning Number Six”; a precious word of caution about the chaos called USA today!

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