Critical Warning Today

Critical Warning Today, The countries around the world today have been hampered by an economic slowdown. The U.S. in particular, is facing harrowing times. The volume of its national debt is on the threshold of the $16.65 trillion-figure. Real earnings growth is affected by many S&P 500 companies buying back their own shares. The policy of quantitative easing will eventually take its toll on the American economy. After all, creation of money out of thin air to lend an artificial scenario of a prospering nation, thereby clearing older debts with fresher debts and thus accumulating more and more burden to the nation’s huge debt-infested pile will never solve any issue; on the contrary it will add to the growing concerns of whether America will ever outgrow its image of today: an extremely pale- caricature of what a strong force to contend with it was, in the yester-years!

Michael Lombardi, author of Profit Confidential has already made waves on the news front with five predictions about the economy in the past ten years and all his prophecies have come true. It is with all earnestness that he presents his sixth alert titled “Critical Warning Number Six” in the form of a video as well as a meticulous report. This critical warning today covers all the above-mentioned state of affairs and much more. It encompasses all that the readers would benefit enough to glean that the economic condition of the U.S. is very frail indeed and that they ought to invest wisely so that their future will be secured despite the impending dark clouds of economic uncertainty that hover around each corner thereon!

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