Critical Warning Radio

Critical Warning Radio: The U.S. is getting submerged in the ocean of its national debt, which is presently knocking on the $16.65 trillion figure. This is indeed a serious cause for concern and there is an urgent need for the citizens of the country to sit up and take due notice. After all, it is their money; their future and their families as well, that are at stake! Michael Lombardi, author of Profit Confidential has alerted the nation in the past and a majority of his readers, having taken due cognizance of his five major economic predictions have benefitted from his befitting words of caution, which have become famous as “Critical Warnings”. Having been hailed as one of the most successful economic predictors of the world today, Michael Lombardi has come up with his important “Sixth Prophesy,” which, he strongly feels, should reach each and every individual in the country, so that he/she can get an inkling of what the future has in store for the U.S. They should understand the enormity of the repercussions that the rounds of quantitative easing will lead to; of how the national debt will keep on mounting; of how jobs -cuts will be on the rise; of how this will contribute to the increasing rate of unemployment and lastly, how inflation will stay put for an infinitely long time! These are only some of the major crucial issues that are plaguing the U.S. It is imperative that people who wish to fend for themselves in such testing times heed in advance to his “Critical Warning Six,” presented in the video-mode, as an informative write-up and also broadcast on the radio.

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