Critical Warning Alert

Critical Warning Alert is an eye-opener for all the U.S. residents. At such a crucial time in their lives, when paper money is being created out of nothing and this method of creation of finance in order to provide stimulus to the staggering and lack luster economy being labeled as ‘Quantitative Easing’, it is every one’s right to know the true situation prevalent in the nation today. Having correctly predicted five major economic events within the past ten years, Michael Lombardi, author of Profit Confidential, as a matter of duty, has presented to his readers all the facts that they ought to understand and know, through a video presentation as well as an informative article entitled “Critical Warning Number Six”. It is a compelling video/article that rings warning bells about the dark looming future of the economy and about how utterly robotic the entire system works. Whenever the government needs money to repay its loans given by the Federal Reserve, the latter is there to provide the same. Thus, past loans are repaid by fresh loans and the system is no different than a Ponzi scheme. Consequently, the debt accumulates and the inflation rises. The cost of living becomes too high to sustain and consumer spending gets considerably affected. Resultantly, there are job cuts and rise in unemployment rate. With the bleak-looking economy, corporate profits get affected and the government has no option to save itself from bankruptcy other than by initiating a fresh round of quantitative easing, for which the Fed provides the stimulus. The whole vicious cycle repeats itself and it is an alert for the common man who suffers the most, because not only has he to face monetary difficulties, but also has to pay taxes. This is a must-see-read for all!

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