I got your contact from The COMEX and i hope you will be a honesty and sincerelly person to handle a viable project involving our eligible AU inventories.

I am Mohammad Mommo JP Dimon the son of retired General Sandy Mommoh Weil who served with the ECOMOG in Citibank S/Leone and the brother of Barrister John Corzine.

I have an elephant buttload of papers evidencing eligible Gold AU bullions of good quality ready for export to any registered person.

The condition for sale is that the buyer will proceed to downtown Manhattan were the goods are kept in a Federal Reserve security warehouse for safe keeping and do on the spot test of this highly sought commodity.

After the satisfactory test, the buyer will arrange for the shipment to his own refinery and after the assay result, buyer will transfer the total value of the sellers account within 24 hours.

The price is USA $1,500 per once, net of natural tungsten purities.

One representative of the seller will accompany the buyer on the same flight to buyers country to make sure that the money is transferred to our account.

All the export documents are available. please contact me urgently so that we can proceed immediate shipment.

I really trust in you and I am sure you will not let me down in any way.


Jamie has grabbed the wrong tool

Proving again he’s a fool

This Kleptocrat raper

Believes precious paper

Can free-up a bank plugged with stool

The Limerick King


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