There’s Gold in Them Hills: A Tour of Silver Sun Resource’s Cherry Hill Mine

When investors purchase physical gold or silver, they are sold a tangible investment that they can see and lock up for safekeeping. Speculative investors who are interested specifically in junior mining stocks can’t exactly purchase mine shares and have a mine shipped to a secure location to ensure that their investment is safe and sound. So what can an investor who is interested in speculative mining stocks do to make sure they are buying into a good deal? Continue reading

A Ponzi Scheme Called America

By for Profit Confidential

As we all know, the eurozone credit crisis has taken away any chance of economic growth in the global economy.

Spain—the current epicenter of the credit crisis in the eurozone—has seen its credit rating downgraded to a credit rating of BBB- from BBB+ by the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) credit rating agency. A credit rating of BBB- is the lowest investment grade credit rating issued by S&P and just one notch above “junk” status. (Source: Standard & Poor’s, October 10, 2012.)

In 2007, eurozone member Spain saw its national debt equate to 36% of its gross domestic product (GDP) that year. Now, with the government’s plan to borrow more than 207 billion euros next year, the country’s debt as a percentage of GDP will reach 91%. (Source: Business Week, October 11, 2012.) Continue reading

Michael Lombardi: Your Financial Mentor-A Review

If you do a Google (Canada) search on “Michael Lombardi investor,” you will get about 163,000 results. And when you do the same on “Michael Lombardi investor review” and “Michael Lombardi stock market”, it will yield you around 69,600 and 74,300 results respectively.

What is it that makes Michael Lombardi such a popular name in the fraternity of authors in the finance field? Is it due to the fact that he has successfully predicted five major economic events? Is it because he has envisaged a sixth catastrophe that will befall the U.S. and has explained more about the quivering base of its economy through the hard-hitting article and video that is titled “Critical Warning 6”? Whatever be the reason, Michael Lombardi has indeed struck a chord with the millions of people who take the subject of investments and economy very seriously. With a Chartered Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada and a MBA degree from the Graduate Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, Lombardi has imparted precious knowledge to his readers through his articles on the topics of investment and money management; the numbers of which have crossed the ‘one thousand’ figure. Continue reading