Brace For Financial Destruction & Sovereign Defaults

On the heels of Friday’s gold and silver smash, Marc Faber warned King World News about the extraordinary dangers that will cause destruction in the global financial system.  This is part II of a series of written interviews that will be released today on KWN in which Faber discusses the end game, government theft, how investors can protect themselves, gold, silver, bail-ins, central planner actions, global markets, and much more.

Eric King:  “What is the biggest danger in the financial world as you see it?”

Faber:  “I think we have many dangers.  The biggest danger is governments themselves with their interventions into free markets, and their fiscal policies….

“In other words, increasing or decreasing government spending.

Usually it’s an increase, and as a result the government becomes larger and larger.  Of course the larger a government becomes, the less economic growth you will have.  The extremist, socialist-to-communist economy that we had in the Soviet Union and China, it was a complete failure economically speaking.


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